Meine Nagellacke

essence Standart Alt:
106 free hugs
107 naughty and pink
109 off to miami
114 fame fatal
128 lets get lost
132 break through
137 wanna be your sunshine
138 L.O.L
146 thats what I mint
147 miss universe
148 prom-berry
156 me&my lover
158 if I were a boy
159 the green & the grunge
162 dare it nude
165 heres my number
173 over the rainbow
175 be berry now
178 hello spring
182 hello rosy
189 new york city call

essence Standart Neu: 
02 bubble gum 
11 4 ever young
22 I<3 my blue jeans 
32 discreet agent
37 serendipity

essence Sonstiges Standart:
tip painter white
art liner 01 silver sparkle
art liner 02 purple boost

effect nail polish 07 blue-jeaned
effect nail polish 32 black cat

Nail Candies 01 oh lolli lollipop
Nail Candies 04 sweets for the sweet

essence I <3 Trends

The Pastels 08 do nuts
The Darks 19 grey matters
The Darks 20 turn on the black

essence LE:
Vampire's Love 01 Gold old Buffy

Kalinka beauty 01 abolute blue

love letters 05 inkheart

beach cruisers 01 i<3 summer break
beach cruisers 02 girls just wanna have fun
beach cruisers 03 keep calm and go to the beach
beach cruisers 04 life is a beach

viva brazil 04 everybody salsa

road trip 01 hit the road red
road trip 02 on the road again
road trip 03 I don't care I love it

yes we pop! 02 grab this hype
yes we pop! 03 hello hipsters
yes we pop! 04 have fun

Hello Autumn 03 charlie seen in green

good girl bad girl 01 hello sweetheart
good girl bad girl 04 caught in the middle

hidden stories 01 enter wonderland

Love&Sound  03 Glastonberry

 #secret party 03 pink up your life
 #secret party 04 keep calm and party on

Winter? Wonderful! LE 01 The Frosted
Winter? Wonderful! LE 02 The Iced
Winter? Wonderful! LE 03 The Crystalliced

Valentine? Who Cares? 01 L.O.V.E. Blah Blah Blah
Valentine? Who Cares? 04 Love is in the Air- Don't Breathe

Midnight Masquerade 01 Meet Me Midnight
Midnight Masquerade 02 Black Cats Wanted

Glitter in the Air LE 04 born to sparkle

Winter Glow LE 03 Lumos!
Winter Glow LE 04 Let It Glow

Catrice Standart:
08 Goldbusters
16 Geroge Blueny
17 Caught on the Red Carpet
20 Meet Me At Coral Island
24 The GlamoureX Factor
25 Robert's Red Ford
38 Vino Tinto
44 Mermaid My Day
46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore
51 I'm so aNude
55 Get the Blues
59 First Class Up-Grape
60 Out of the Dark
62 Must-Have STEELetto
67 Greyday, Greyday
72 Auber-Genious
75 Khaki Perry's Firework
82 A Gallon Of Melon
93 Red Night Mystery
92 Snow Whites Apple Bite 
94 It's a Verry Berry Bash
100 Red Goes Nuts
102 London Town At Sundown
108 The Very Berry Best
300 Be My Millionaire
490 Iron Mermaiden
660 I'm a Star
600 After Eight
900 Steel My Heart
905 Steel My Soul

Catice Sonstiges Standart:
01 On Top of the Alpes

06 Call me Princess

Liquid Metal 03 My Satin Ballet Shoes
Luxury Sheers 06 Tw(H)ilight

 Catrice LE:
Haute Future C01 Electrix Blue
Haute Future C04 GaLILACxy

LE Grand Bleu C04 Entering Atlantis

Metallure C03 Metalight

Check & Tweed C01 London Calling
Check & Tweed C04 Brit Chick
Check & Tweed C05 Hyde in the Park

Lala Berlin C05 Ruling Red

Viennart C04 ARTful Red

VISIONary C04 Greyhound to Nowhere

Nude Purism C01 Taupe-less
Nude Purism C04 Naked Brown

kaviar gauche C04 Cool Wonder

Luxury Laquers C03 Harlem's Holo Shake
Luxury Laquers C15 Holo My Hand

Sense of Simplicity LE C01 Straight Silver

Fallosophy C01 Mystic Moss

p2 Color Victim: 
500 eternal
650 fever
691 can't get enough
870 sparkling surprise

p2 last forever:
019 romantic dinner
190 hold me tight

p2 Volume Gloss: 
021 young miss
060 happy bride
070 funky babe
150 cute girl
430 deal hunter

p2 Nail Foundation:
020 silk

p2 Sand Style:
070 pretty
120 dreamy

p2 Satin Supreme: 
020 sweet elegance
080 lofty style

p2 Crisp+color: 
010 honey fluff
020 peach delight
070 cool milkshake

p2 Metal Reflection 
100 lilac boss nova

p2 LE:
Keep the Secret 030 magic purple

Catch the Glow 020 smooth gem

Wild me Up 010 flashy

Meet me in Venice 010 smooth rose

gold&crown 010 brown splendor
gold&crown 040 purple charism

Culture Spirit fine line nail polish 020 painting black

Beyond Lagoon LE 030 seaweed green

Fabulous Beauty Gala LE 030 gloriefied gold

The Future is Mine LE 040 solar eclipse

Secret Splendor LE 030 gold gem

Sunshine Goddess 010 silver supreme

Dive Into Beauty 010 Ocean Breeze

RdLY Standart: 
07 dangerous
12 coconut milk
17 precious metal
21 two face
24 indian feeling 
30 fantasia
31 magic dream
37 time for taupe

holo nails 01 dreamland
Sand Nails 03 night fever
Cookie Nails 01 Crazy Cookie

Cupcake 03 apple green

Rock It! 03 Red Zeppelin

Bloggers Collection 01 lemon pie
Bloggers Collection 02 blue abyss 
Bloggers Collection 03 mermaid of calabria
Bloggers Collection 04 blue sky
Bloggers Collection 05 sugared nude
Bloggers Collection 06 tres jolie
Bloggers Collection 07 happy ending

Hollywood Fever LE 01 Glitz & Glamour
Hollywood Fever LE 02 Love Angeles
Hollywood Fever LE 03 Walk of Fawn

Little Paradise LE 01 Secret Garden

Color Star 02 Lavendar Star
Color Star 02 rose Leaf Star

Sorbet Nail Collection 01 soft yellow

Jolie Fleur 01 jolie green
Jolie Fleur 02 jolie rose
Jolie Fleur 03 jolie blue
Jolie Fleur 04 jolie beige

Glamour Nail Collection 01 burgundy red

essie Standart: 
Go Ginza
A List
Sunday Funday
Madison ave Hue
Naughty Nautical
Shearling Darling

essie LE:
Bond with Whomever
Full Steam Ahead
Avenue Maintain
jiggle hi jiggle low
it's genius

Tend it Up Double Volume

Trend It Up Holo Dimension

Trendd It Up Touch of Satin

Misslyn Standartsortiment
150 head over heels

196 Bonfire
350 Valentine
560 Crocodile
575 Orbit
607 Atmosphere
610 Nightclub
778 atlantis
Misslyn LE 
09A Interpretation
Smoothie Nail Polish 87D kiwi bomb
Smoothie Nail Polish 87N yummy cherry 
Smoothie Nail Polish 87M sweet blackberry
404 golden fringe
410 argentinian style
508 rockabilly
732 Sparkle of Copper
742 Wave Ride
753 Star Dust

Artdeco 684
Artdeco 860
Artdeco Chrome Nail Laquer 24
Astor 262 Copper King
beauty by Tchibo
Beauty Women Teal
Catherine for Glossybox

H&M Nail Polish Purple Glitter
Icona Milano Weiß  
Kiko 470 DAnity Passion Fruit
Kosmetik Kosmo Barbierella
Lacura 440 Strawberry
L'Oreal 824
Manhattan Lotus Effect 71S
Manhattan Last &Shine 500 Hot Brownie
Maybelline 77 Nebline
Maybelline 357 Burgundy Kiss
MaxFactor Gel Shine 25 Patent Poppy
Miss Sporty Metal Flip 010 beetle wings
Orly Instant Artist Light as a Feather
Priti Polish 615 Blue Moon Clematis
Revlon 610 Charismatic
teeez Pearl Nova


nail art twins 01 louise
nail art twins 02 julia
nail art twins 04 carrie
nail art twins 06 edward

nail art special effect topper 02 circus confetti
nail art special effect topper 10 glorious aquarius
nail art special effect topper 17 only purple matters
nail art special effect topper 22 black dress and white tie
nail art special effect topper 23 million dollar baby

effect nail polish 20 hidden garden
effect nail polish 21 icy fairy 
effect nail polish 23 rock my world
effect nail polish 28 thuth or dare? 

Vintage Style Topcoat 30 sweet memories
Crushed Ice Topcoat 32 fizzy freeze

essence LE
mountain calling 01 snow alert

Merry Berry LE 01 I Love My Golden Pumps

Winter? Wonderful! LE 01 A Winters Tale

40 I'm Dynamite
45 Kitch me if you can

04 Oyster&Champagne

Million Styles 02 Holo, Que Tal?
Million Styles 06 Mysterious Mother Of Pearl
Million Styles 05 Let's Do The Holo Show
Million Styles 07 Unfold The Unlimited Gold

Frozen Crystal Matte Top Coat
Broken Glass Effect Top Coat

Catrice LE
LE Grand Bleu C02 Mermaid My Day

Rough Luxury LE C01 Frozen Flows

p2 LE
just dream like 011 peach delight dots
just dream like 021 mint falvour dots
just dream like 031 cassis passion dots
just dream like 041 lilac joy dots

I Love My p2 Collection 010 midnight magic
I Love My p2 Collection 020 shining star
I Love My p2 Collection 030 one miracle

glitter nails 02 pink flake
Glitter Nails 06 glamour d'amour 

Hollywood Fever LE 05 Stars & Starlets
Flowermania LE 05 Fairytale

Sorbet Nail Collection 01 soft yellow

Sparkle on Top
Rock at the top

Misslyn LE
753 Star Dust

Beauty Women Monochrome
Catherine Confetti Topper 
Edding naughty nuggets
flormar 393Nails Inc. Matte Top Coat

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